Accused of scam in purchase of Kovid Kit in Gram Panchayats


Sep 10, 2020

State co-ordinator of BJP Cooperative Cell, Rampal Singh Pundir, in a letter sent to the Commissioner and Chief Minister, requested an investigation into the Kovid unit and sweeper pack bought in the Gram Panchayats of Saharanpur area.

In the letter sent to the Chief Minister, Rampal Singh Pundir has said that the District Panchayat Raj Adhikari has bought the cleaning laborer pack for Rs 5200 and paid it in the Gram Panchayats. The bill is named as Digital India Contractor and Suppliers. Its location is appeared in a bury school at Nanauta. Though there are no shops or firms at Inter College in Nanauta under this name.

So also, the cost of infrared thermometer in Kovid Kit has been appeared in the bill at Rs. 2270. Heartbeat Oxometer which has been appeared in the bill as Rs 1920. The bill has been given for the sake of Jeevik Associates B-291, Jeevik Bhavan Opposite New Jagdamba Transport. Spot name isn’t appeared in it. The letter said that the all out expense of the Kovid Kit has been made at Rs 4190 for every Gram Panchayat Bank Shivalik Mercantile Co-usable Bank Branch in Haqikat Nagar. He said that a nitty gritty examination ought to be finished.

The town sovereigns state

Exchange source, Badgaon: State co-convenor of BJP Cooperative Cell, Rampal Singh Pundir, has charged the Zilla Panchayat Raj official that the legislature had given an objective of buying Kovid Kit at a cost of Rs 2800, however the District Panchayat Raj Officer has given the standard law 5200 rupees have been taken from the town headmen by keeping it initially, while the gram panchayat itself is allowed to buy any products. Town head Meghraj Singh says that 4100 and 1100 rupees have been taken. The parcel he got was given to Asha. Head Ravdra Singh says that Rs 2800 has been deducted from his record, he didn’t perceive what was in the pack. When the bundle was given to the desire for the town. Town head Nathi Ram says that 5200 rupees have been deducted from his administration account. A machine was given to Asha of the town. Pradhan Uma Devi says that neither she got the unit nor cash was taken from her.

All gram panchayats are autonomous, they don’t have anything to do with this case and unit exchanges. All claims are unjustifiable.

RP Singh, District Panchayat Raj Officer

‘>> State co-ordinator of BJP Cooperative Cell requested examination

‘>> District Panchayat Raj official denied the charge

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